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Online Communication

  • Business modeling (from idea generation to how to make it profitable)
  • Competitive benchmarking (other companies in the online world) and better online communication practices.
  • Viral Marketing Strategies
  • Online project management advice.
  • Online Reputation Management (we offer consultancy on how to implement it and we also offer the possibility of having a Community Manager

Community Management

  • Managing, building and moderating communities within social networks in relation to a brand. We can provide an outsourced Community Manager or we can train your own resources.

SEO and SEM Consultancy

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • We advise on how to improve search engine rankings.
  • Development of campaigns in major social media: Google, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others, to reach the best potential customers.
  • It is advisable that this activity is carried out by an expert. However, it is possible to train an internal resource to be responsible for the task

Business Intelligence and Web Analytics

  • We provide intelligent traffic analysis and web analytics. We also perform user profiling, generation of metrics, optimization and recommendations to improve performance.

Online Advertising

  • Analysis of the best places to advertise a particular product according to the target you want to reach.

E-Mail Marketing

  • Do you have large volumes of mail to send? We manage your e-mail marketing campaign . Send e-mails according to your target audience and measure their effectiveness.
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