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Comprehensive Strategy Sessions

  • The Comprehensive Strategy Sessions will be of great use to achieve the definition of urgent strategic issues when you have little time to make important decisions
  • In these sessions, you can work on issues of Strategic Marketing, Marketing Online, Marketing Task Force, among others.


Marketing Plan

  • Develop your marketing plan with our support, and achieve greater internal efficiency and competitiveness in your markets.


Market Segmentation

  • We will assist your organization so that groups can interpret their value in consumer and make them operative to plan and carry out specific internal and external marketing.
  • We will advise you to generate the necessary changes in place to improve search engine rankings.
  • It achieves a clearer and appropriate classification of product portfolio.
  • Generates clear rules for defining levels of customer care.
  • Targeting allows, that is, target the most attractive segments.
  • The selected segments can be better addressed. In that sense, it provides a better brand image.
  • Allows to redirect the advertising efforts
  • Allows for varying grades depending on the segment positioning
  • It optimizes resources allocation


Competitive Intelligence Consulting

  • Count on us for guidance and implementation of competitive intelligence strategies that your organization can adopt a process that greatly improve your competitiveness in the short, medium and long term.


Market Research

  • Work together to enhance your decision-making through conducting Market Research.
  • We count with several tools to deliver results, from telephonic surveying, Focus Groups, In Depth Interviews, to online methodology

Mystery Shopping

  • We will provide a range of solutions to meet the expectations of your target audience and, indeed, surprise, ie, exceed those expectations by providing excellent service.
  • Services Design
  • Quality Control
  • Competency Knowledge
  • Sales Assessment Methods
  • Consumer Process Monitoring
  • Consumpt Situations Experiments


Strategic Data Analysis – Data Mining

  • We will provide support to enable it to focus on the most important of its databases and subsequently make an intelligent data analysis. This process will allow better decision making, proactive and driven by a deep understanding of your business.
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